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HI*DEF Hardware

Part Number Description Price

016030-200 HI*DEF Accura - PCI $2,995

HI*DEF Miscellaneous:
030063 8 Channel Input Cable
- For video pass-through, separate sync or clock applications
012007-100 HI*DEF Video Splitter (Includes 60 Hz power supply) $295
012007-200 HI*DEF Video Splitter International Version (Includes switching power supply for 50/60 Hz) $345

HI*DEF Software / Documentation: SDK Registration is Required for Upgrades
042700-20 Foresight Imaging Software & Documentation CD
(Free with purchase of an AccuStream Series, I-Series, or HI*DEF board)
042645-20 IDEA Software Development Kit (SDK) Support (One Year) $995

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