AccuStream 205a Obsolete

January 8, 2014

We have experienced difficulties in procuring one of the parts on the AccuStream 205a board over the last several months. Finally, due to the obsolescence of components, we are unfortunately now forced to obsolete the AccuStream 205a. We are offering a Last Time Buy on the product. All orders must be placed by January 31, 2014, with deliveries scheduled up until July 30, 2014. All of these Last Time Buy orders are Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable.

Below are the transitional products that we recommend:

  • AccuStream Express HD+: This board does just about everything the AccuStream 205a does, plus it adds DVI/HDMI capture. It is also on the newer, faster PCIe x4 bus. Its top acquisition rate is 170 MHz (the AccuStream 205a board was 205 MHz). Please see our web site at for further information.
  • AccuStream 205a Rev. 2F1: This board is exactly the same as the AccuStream 205a, except that its top video acquisition rate is 170 MHz rather than 205 MHz. This is accomplished by using a video acquisition chip on the board with video acquisition rates up to 170 MHz. We have chosen to revision the board so that you can deploy this board with no changes to your software application.

Many of our OEM customers are in the medical imaging industry. Please keep in mind that we have never experienced a medical modality that required video acquisition over 170 MHz, so we are confident that replacing your system's AccuStream 205a board with the AccuStream Express HD+ or the AccuStream 205a Rev. 2F1 will be more than sufficient.

Please contact us with any questions or issues at


Tony Molinari
VP, Sales & Marketing

Download AccuStream 205a Obsolete letter as PDF.