Accura Board

HI*DEF Accura is a programmable high-speed frame grabber that captures images from any analog video source with unprecedented accuracy, providing high quality digital images for any application that demands the highest image quality for measurement or diagnosis.

Gone forever are days of difficulty configuring frame grabbers to video sources. HI*DEF Accura automatically configures to any analog video source with its Auto-SYNC software making installation with non-standard and standard video sources simple. Some of the popular non-standard video sources include MRI, CT, Nuclear Imaging, Scanning Electron Microscopes, high-resolution cameras, video workstations, and much more. And because video sources can even differ within the same model, Auto-SYNC analyzes the input video to match the exact video parameters of the source to attain the highest quality image every time.

HI*DEF Accura provides four separate inputs to capture high-speed analog video signals. Pixel rates are programmable up to 150 MHz. Proprietary input circuitry and design ensure locking to virtually any analog video source with image grabs of the highest quality with a 59 dB S/N ratio and ±0.5 ns of pixel jitter, significantly better than any other pixel jitter specification in the industry. Auto-TEMP circuitry provides automatic temperature stabilization ensuring consistent and repeatable results. All images are grabbed at 10 bits and the user has the option to save the image in the full 10 bits or with the 8 MSB of 10 bits for added precision over standard 8 bit frame grabbers. The input resolution is fully programmable up to 4,000 x 4,000 pixel resolution ensuring compatibility with high and low resolution inputs. RGB input signals can be captured in three passes using the multiple inputs of HI*DEF Accura. Images are stored in the 4 Megapixels of onboard memory or transferred to system memory at up to 132 MB/second using the PCI bus master.

But HI*DEF Accura is not just hardware. In addition to the unique Auto-SYNC software, HI*DEF Accura has a full suite of software support to satisfy the needs of OEMs, systems integrators, and end users. The IDEA (Imaging Development Environment for Applications) Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is available so that programmers can quickly and easily interface HI*DEF Accura to their applications. Example programs with source code are included with the IDEA SDK. Extensive end user software application support is available with drivers for Image-Pro Plus, Optimas, and TWAIN.

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HI*DEF Accura Specifications:

Accura Diagram


Video Inputs:
  • 4 Video Inputs:
    0.5 V pp to 2.0 V pp; 75 ohm termination or loop-through; 12 bit gain; 12 bit black level; AC coupled with DC restoration; external trigger
  • RGB input:
  • Sync Source
    Composite sync on any analog channel; composite sync on any TTL channel; separated sync; composite video
  • Bandwidth:
    150 MHz @ 1.0 V pp input
  • Horizontal Frequency:
    Up to 105 kHz
  • External Clock:
    1.0 V pp to 5.0 V pp, up to 150 MHz
Video Formats Supported
  • RS-170, RS-343, RS-330, CCIR, and non-standard video signals
High Quality Imaging
  • S/N Ratio:
    59 dB @ 50 MHz
  • Linearity:
    Better than 1%
  • Gain and Offset Stability:
    1% from 15°C to 40°C
  • Pixel Jitter:
    ±0.5 ns
  • Synchronization Time:
    Less than 250 ms
Programmable Characteristics
  • Horizontal Resolution:
    Up to 4,096 total pixel clocks per line
  • Vertical Resolution:
    Up to 4,096 total lines
  • Horizontal Capture Delay:
    12 bit register with resolution of 1 pixel
  • Vertical Capture Delay:
    12 bit register with resolution of 1 line
Acquisition Characteristics
  • A/D Conversion:
    10 bits per pixel; no missing codes
  • Capture Method:
    Single pass up to 75 MHz; dual pass up to 150 MHz
Memory Characteristics
  • Control Registers:
    Memory mapped; PCI Plug 'n' Play
  • Storage Memory:
    4 Megapixels
  • Data Transfer Speed:
    PCI bus master; bursts up to 132 MB/sec; 45 MB/sec sustained
  • Supports up to 4 boards per system
  • Windows 7 & 10, 32 & 64 bit
  • Auto-SYNC automatic configuration software and example programs are included with each HI*DEF Accura.
  • The IDEA Software Developer's Kit can be purchased separately.
  • Drivers for Image-Pro Plus, Optimas, and TWAIN are available.