Legacy Products

The I-Series frame grabbers & video streamers, as well as the AccuStream Classic Series (Accustream 170, 75, & 50), are now obsolete. The replacement boards are as follows:

Due to the obsolescence of several components, we are unfortunately forced to obsolete the AccuStream 50, 75, 170 and I-Series frame grabbers and video streamers. We have re-designed the AccuStream boards with the AccuStream+ series so as to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. This transition is detailed below. As for the I-Series boards, we do have successor products that replace each one for your applications.

The replacement products are as follows:

  • AccuStream 50, 75, 170: replaced by AccuStream 50+, 75+, 170+
  • I-Color: replaced by AccuStream 50a
  • I-50, I-60, I-75, I-50 HSN: replaced by AccuStream 50a, 75a, 205a
  • I-RGB 50, 75, 165, 200: replaced by AccuStream 50a, 75a, 205a

In order to run an AccuStream+ board in an AccuStream application, we have an IDEA v2.4 update and an IDEA v2.5 update. These software updates replace a DLL and a driver in order to allow the AccuStream+ boards to run in an IDEA v2.4 or IDEA v2.5 application. This is the easiest and quickest way to support the new AccuStream+ boards in your current applications. Additionally, our new release of IDEA v3.1 may be used to support both the old AccuStream boards and the new AccuStream+ boards.

The AccuStream 50+, 75+, 170+, and the AccuStream 50a, 75a, 205a, are all supported by the new IDEA v3.1 release.

See the AccuStream 50+, 75+ and 170+ information page for additional details and data sheets.

Please contact us with any questions or issues at info@fi-llc.com.