IDEA v3.2.300 (SP3) Readme File

README.HTML  for Foresight Imaging IDEA v3.2.300 (SP3)
April 9, 2010

Installation Notes:

If you have IDEA v3.2.100 (SP1) installed, you must first uninstall v3.2.100 (IDEA v3.2 with service pack 1) then install IDEA v3.2,
otherwise you will receive a message indicating that the product being upgraded cannot be found or is a different version.

This setup is designed to work with IDEA v3.2 or, IDEA v3.2.200 (SP2), 32 bit OS only!

About the IDEA v3.2.300 Release ********

IDEA v3.2 SP3 32 Bit Update April 9, 2010

SP3 Includes SP1 and SP2 updates.

Files Included:







Description of Changes (SP1 - SP3):



           - Added ability to save EDID files in either Phoenix EDID Editor

             or Viewsonic EDID Editor format.



           - Added support for 1920x1080 and 1280x720 HDTV formats.

           - Added support for 1920x1200 graphics format.



           - Reduced execution time for eHP_RsetSet(), eHD_RsetSet() and

             eHP_RSET_FRead() functions to allow faster consecutive CHP file

             load and grab operations.

           - Added LogMessages function to eHP_SetControlValue() to allow

             messages boxes to be suppressed and logged to a file.



           LOG_MESSAGES LogMessages;

           LogMessages.bSuppressMessageBoxes = TRUE;

          LogMessages.bLogMessages = TRUE;

          LogMessages.pszLogFile = NULL;  // Use default file


          eHP_SetControlValue(0, "LogMessages", sizeof(LogMessages), &LogMessages);


           - Fixed a problem of blue screen crashes during DMA in Windows Server 2008 32-bit.

             When there is 4GB or more memory installed it is possible to get 64-bit physical

             addresses even though the OS is 32-bit.


           - Added DisableFPGAReconfigure registry variable to disable FPGA

             reconfiguration on a HardReset call.  (Was called AllowHardReset in SP2)

             Pops up a dialog box if the flash memory has been updated warning that

             a reboot is needed for the update to take effect.

             Windows 2008 Server and later operating systems may blue screen when the PCIe interface

             is temporarily disabled while the FPGA reconfigures if this is not set.



           - Added LOG_MESSAGES structure definition.



           - Sets DisableFPGAReconfigure registry variable.  Install this only if a reset

             causes a crash.



- Please contact with any questions.