IDEA 3.3.1 Readme File

README.HTML  for Foresight Imaging IDEA V3.3.1 October 18, 2011
This release is provided as an online download or on CD. 
IDEA v3.3.1 for 32 Bit OS.  Part number:  042700-331
IDEA v3.3.1 for 64 Bit OS.  Part number:  042701-331

Please note that product documentation is provided in electronic format only. 
You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher to view the documentation. 
Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded at either:  or

The IDEA software and hardware installation manuals are located on the CD and in the C:\Program Files\Foresight\idea\doc directory (after installation) as SDK_Manual.pdf & Install_Manual.pdf.

A demonstration version of the Pegasus Imaging JPEG codec is included for use with the example
programs.  For information on licensing this software, please go to:

IDEA Active X Demo Using Visual Basic, StreamCap and IDEA API Example Program are the three example programs recommended for use to evaluate the full functionality of the frame grabbers and video streamers.  They are included in:  
Start || Programs || Foresight || Demos .

VideoTest  is a test program to verify the system's ability to create a live direct draw surface for display.   For 32 bit installations only: 
Start || Programs || Foresight || Demos 

  StreamCap is the demonstration program recommended for use of the WDM driver. 
It is located in the C:\Program Files\Foresight\idea\Demo\Bin folder.

Note: Video for Windows is for windows 32 bit only.

Important Changes in the 3.3.1 Release  ********

IDEA a full release package which supersedes IDEA 3.3.

IDEA 3.3.1 addresses:

1          EEPROM timing modified to provide reliable results on faster PCIe systems.

2          Frame rate with interlaced DVI signals now correctly reported in CHP files.

3          Multiple applications accessing multiple boards now correctly report and handle conflicts

4          YPbPr color space not correctly restored after HardReset.

5          Multiple board AutoDetect now handled properly in WDM driver.

6          Auto-detect on HDTV signals sometimes dark – intensity now correct.

7          TWAIN interface not fully installed.


- To install IDEA 3.3.1 on a system with IDEA 3.3:
- Uninstall the existing IDEA 3.3 software.
- Run the SETUP.EXE file in the IDEA SETUP directory.

Important Changes in the 3.3 Release ********

* Adds support for the AccuStream Express HD+, AccuStream Express HD 75+, and AccuStream Express SD 50+. 

* Preliminary WDM driver support is provided for the AccuStream Express boards only.
-AccuStream 205a, 75a, 50a, 170+,75+ and 50+ are currently not supported by the WDM driver.
  Please contact with any WDM driver issues.

* Adds support for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 compatibility.

* Previous versions of the IDEA development software will be uninstalled prior to installing version 3.3.

* HDTV CHP files have been added.

* Added StreamCap, APIDemo, and MultiCard demos.

* Changes for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 compatibility.

The default IDEA directory is:
   c:\program files\foresight\idea (32 and 64 bit)
Additionally, the 32bit versions on a 64bit OS are located at:
c:\program files(x86)\foresight\idea

For compatibility with the Windows User Account Control (UAC) the CHP directory has been copied to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Foresight\Video Formats
All registry data with the exception of HDP_ERR_SOURCE path and gate array file (.JBC) paths will be located under HKEY_CURRENTUSER\Software\Foresight...

UPGRADING Applications to IDEA 3.3
For developers releasing an Application:
* Your existing IDEA based application must be recompiled and re-linked using the new IDEA 3.3 libraries, header files,   & OCX wherever applicable.
* Updating only the IDEA DLL's and drivers without rebuilding the application may result in unstable operation.

* Windows XP. Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Professional 64, Windows Vista Business, 
Windows Vista Business 64, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 64, all Windows 7 Editions.
* Foresight Imaging frame grabbers and video streamers: 
  AccuStream 170+, AccuStream 75+, AccuStream 50+
   AccuStream 205a, AccuStream 75a, AccuStream 50a
   AccuStream Express 170, AccuStream Express 75, AccuStream Express 50
   AccuStream Express HD+, AccuStream Express HD 75+, AccuStream Express SD 50+

This CD-ROM contains:
* IDEA 3.3.1 SDK and Demo files in the setup directory
* AutoSYNC video configuration & measurement tool
* The IDEA installation and SDK manuals in PDF format
* Pegasus compression software for streaming to  disk demo (AVI file creation)
* A Video Test program for verification of VGA display  modes.
* VidCap32 application program as an example for running the Video for Windows driver (32 bit only).
* StreamCap application program an example to stream large video files.
* The unpacked IDEA library contains the IDEA software, Demos, Documents, and Windows Drivers.

Updates to Documentation
The documentation has been updated to match the V3.3 software release. 
Additionally, the PDF files are fully searchable and have been book-marked for easy navigation. 

* Intel Core processor or better
* Windows XP (minimum)
* Memory: minimum 512 MB
* VGA card supporting DirectDraw overlay & graphics 
* Appropriate video source
* High quality input video cabling
* 32 bit PCI bus, PCI-64/66 PCI bus, or PCIe x4 bus
* Administrator rights are required to install the IDEA 3.3 SDK & software.

***  Note:  For RGB signals, please ensure that the cable lengths are identical for all connections. 
       A bundled RGB and sync cable is recommended.

Other Notes:
1) The DirectX SDK (available from  Microsoft) must be installed to recompile and build the  VideoTest application.

2) Most IDEA demo programs create AVI type 1 files, with a file size limit of 4.0GB. 
    For AVI files larger than 4.0GB use the StreamCap demo code.

3) Install the Pegasus Compression CODECS to use lossy & lossless compression at

4) For AVI file playback, the latest version of Windows Media Player is available at:  

Virtual Dub

Video Streaming:
* Video stream rates are dependent on several factors beyond the AccuStream board.
* The AccuStream boards can run in PCI 32 & 64 bit slots.
* The AccuStream Express boards can run in PCIe x4, x8 and x16 slots.
* For fastest stream rates and data transfers, PCI-64/66 or PCIe x4 is recommended.
* System processor, memory & disk speed all contribute to transfer rate speeds.
* Below are transfer rates to memory on "typical" PCI 32 & PCI 64 bit machines that perform at 125 MB/second transfers
and 250 MB/second transfers respectively, as well as performance on “typical” PCIe x4 systems (500-700MB/s).  Your
performance may vary on slower machines.



(32 bit PCI Bus)

( 64 bit PCI bus)

( PCIe x4 bus)


15 fps

20 fps

60 fps


30 fps

60 fps

60 fps


30 fps

60 fps

60 fps


15 fps

30 fps

30 fps


15 fps

30 fps

60 fps

 * For fastest video streaming, use computers with a 64 bit PCI-64/66 bus or PCIe x4 bus, 
   1GB of more memory and a SATA Raid striped disk sub-system is recommended for best
    performance when streaming to disk.


Part numbers:
32 bit OS IDEA disk P/N 042700-330
64 bit OS IDEA disk P/N 042701-330

AccuStream 205a 032000-100
AccuStream 75a   032000-175
AccuStream 50a   032000-150 

AccuStream 170+ 033000-100
AccuStream 75+   033000-175
AccuStream 50+   033000-150 

AccuStream Express 170   034000-100
AccuStream Express 75     034000-175
AccuStream Express 50     034000-150 

AccuStream Express HD+    035000-100
AccuStream Express HD 75+   035000-175
AccuStream Express SD 50+   035000-150 

All boards are ROHS compliant 

Typical maximum video capture formats:
AccuStream 205a     - VGA 1600x1200x75 (202.5 MHz)
All 170 (incl HD+)  - VGA 1600x1200x60 (162 MHz) ,1920x1080x60, 1900x1200x60
All 75                       - VGA 1024x768x70 (75 MHz),  
                                 - HDTV 1920x1080x30 interlaced (74.25 MHz)
All 50                       - VGA 800x600x70 (45.5MHz)
                                 - RS170 (12 MHz), 
                                 - PAL (14 MHz)

Power & Operating Temperatures
* AccuStream Power consumption:
  AccuStream 170+/75+/50+              =  8 watts
  AccuStream 205a/75a/50a               = 6.5 watts
  AccuStream Express 170/75/50       =  15 watts to 20 watts
  AccuStream Express HD+/HD 75+/SD 50+  =  15 watts to 20 watts

* Operating temperatures:
  10 to 50 degrees C

* Humidity:
  10% to 90% non-condensing

* Storage Temperature:
  0 to 70 degrees C


For additional information or assistance, contact Foresight Imaging Technical Support at:


Phone:  + 978 458-4624 x244

Fax: + 978 458-5488


To obtain the latest updates access: